Like it Or Not

Author: John R. Palmer

Price: $13.95

Juvenile Nonfiction / Social Issues / General

Trade Paperback

Publication Date: Jun-2008

ISBN: 0-595-50644-5

136 Pages

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Despite advances in technology, one activity is harder than ever: being a teenager.

Whether you are a gifted athlete, possess high grades, or are just trying to make it through high school, no teen is immune to the problems and concerns associated with growing up. The good news is that you are not the first to experience those challenges!

Like it Or Not is a unique book that can help you face those challenges head on! Like it Or Not includes more than eighty poems written by a youth who faced his own tough times during adolescence, but who made it through.

With topics including love and lust, relationships with classmates and parents, and even drinking and driving, these poems run the entire length of adolescent experience.

This special edition includes a Parentís Guide to reading teen poetry (in case you decide to share), and a Youth Guide to writing your own poems to express yourself.

Like it Or Not urges you that when the pressures and demands of teen life seem overpowering, the first thing you need to know is that you are not alone! Then you can pick up a pen and express yourself.

You will make it!

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